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Alcohol Reduction

The doctors can provide support to patients with alcohol dependency and their families, as well as referral to appropriate specialist units where needed.

Asthma and COPD

The practice nurses offer routine checks for all patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is important that you have a yearly review if you are using inhalers. Please ask for a 20 minute appointment with a nurse.

Blood Pressure- Hypertension

We provide a screening service for high blood pressure (hypertension). Patients with hypertension are reviewed every six months. Please ask for a 10 minute appointment with a nurse.

Blood Tests

We offer an appointment only service at Madeley Practice and soon to start at Baldwins Gate. Patients may also attend a walk in clinic at Bradwell Hospital. For patients taking Warfarin we perform INR checks at both Madeley and Baldwins Gate Surgery.

Breast Screening

There is a centralised recall system in place for women to attend the Breast Screening Unit. Women aged between 50-64 years of age are called at three yearly intervals. If you require more frequent screening please discuss this with your doctor. If you are over 65 you can opt to continue with screening mammography.

Cervical Smears

For women aged 25 and over please make a 10 minute appointment with the practice nurse for your smear. It is preferable to take the smear during the middle of your cycle. You will be recalled at 'regular' intervals every three years if aged 25 to 49, and every five years if aged 50 to 64 unless you have had any previous problem.

Child Health Surveillance

Eight week development checks are carried out by your doctor in surgery. This will be done at the same time as your postnatal check. At 12 months children are invited for a full check. 18 month and pre-school checks are no longer routine, but if you are concerned about your child's development please contact a health visitor to arrange a review.


Chiropody is available for patients aged 60 and over only. Referral is from a doctor.

Contraceptive Advice

For advice on contraception and six monthly pill checks please make a 10 minute appointment with a practice nurse. We offer a full range of contraceptive services including coil fitting, injections, diaphragms and implant and emergency contraception.

Diabetes Clinic

We run weekly clinics for patients with diabetes. Appointments are by written invitation only. It is important you have your blood tests carried out before you come. We expect to review every patient at least once per year. Retinal photographs are now carried out by accredited opticians as part of the Retinopathy Screening Service.

Ear syringing

You must see a doctor first to have your ears inspected. The problem may or may not be wax. If it is ear wax then best practice nowadays is to try to avoid syringing which carries a risk of perforation to the ear drum. Where syringing is indicated the wax needs to be pre-softened with ear drops and a long 20 minute is booked.

Elderly Care

The doctors and practice nurses routinely visit all elderly housebound patients every six month, and carry out a comprehensive assessment of their medical, social and mental health and offer appropriate care and support.


The doctors review all patients with epilepsy annually.

Health Checks

The practice nurses offer a routine health check to any patient. Ask for a 20 minute appointment. Complete a health questionnaire before your appointment available as a download on the right >

Heart Disease (CHD)

The practice nurses offer an annual routine check by written appointment. Blood tests are carried out before attending for the review.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic

All doctors and nurses offer advice on HRT and dealing with the menopause.

Immunisations ' Childhood

Children are offered routine vaccinations starting at eight weeks of age. Refer to 'Immunisations'.

Leg Ulcer and Dressings Clinic

The district nurses hold two clinics per week to treat leg ulcers.

Maternity Care

We offer antenatal care lead by our midwife. The clinic is held on a Monday morning at Madeley Surgery.

Medical Examinations

The doctors are able to perform private medical examinations for insurance purposes or for the DVLA. Please contact the Surgery and we will provide you with the current charges.

Minor Surgery

Minor surgical procedures are carried out by prior arrangement by doctors.

Multiple Sclerosis

The doctors provide an annual review by written invitation for all patients with multiple sclerosis.


Physiotherapy is available following referral from your doctor.

Rheumatology Clinic

Dr Roddy holds a monthly clinic at Madeley Surgery supported by a nurse specialist and physiotherapist.

[Strokes and TIAs

The practice nurses offer an annual routine check by written invitation. Blood tests are carried out before attending the review.

Travel Clinic

The practice provides a free travel clinic for registered patients offering all major vaccines currently recommended, including Yellow Fever. You may be charged for certain travel vaccines. We can provide the service to no-registerd patients, please ask for information on charges.

Download an e-form (go to Clinical services and click on Holiday travel) or collect a form from reception and complete it before making an appointment.

Warfarin Monitoring

For patients taking Warfarin we perform INR checks at the INR clinic at both Madeley and Baldwins Gate Surgery.

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