Patient Survey 2013

Madeley Practice Participation Group Survey Results January 2013

All online participants were invited to complete questionnaires and we also had the questionnaires in the waiting rooms.

21 completed questionnaires came back to us, 10 male and 11 females with age ranges from 11-over 74 years old.
All patients were Caucasian.

The majority of patients choose to book their appointments on the telephone, although there is a high demand for our 2 phone lines in the morning 66% of patients found it fairly easy to get through, 33% didn't.

The difficulty is unfortunately the same as we have every year, that if you want to see only one specific doctor and at a specific time it is not always possible to book this for you.
Reassuringly, if patients are happy to see any doctor they are being seen within 48 hours.

The awareness of evening surgery appointments seems to be better, and the increased nurse appointments on a Monday evening have been well received.

Your consultation
The results here reflect what we have assessed for individual doctors through the year, that you have adequate time, are being involved in decisions about your care and you have confidence in the clinicians treating you.
This was then further complimented in the way you were then able to deal with your health problems and keep yourself healthy.


We re-advertised, because of software problems last year, but had minimal interest, as this became apparent through the year we took the decision to do individual doctor surveys (each doctor had 40-50 individual replies) and also to do a survey in a focus group to look at specific difficulties (see below under further surveys).

Access to appointments with a specific doctor was the main issue raised and is not a new problem for us. It is not solvable without making the doctors' workload inequitable.

  • Availability of specific doctors is always difficult. Patients, doctors and nurses value continuity but this is not always possible. If you are offered a different doctor please consider this we are all working to the same standards and within current guidance. The receptionists really try very hard to make sure that you get the appointment you want but can't just squeeze in non-emergencies to imaginary slots without compromising all patients meaning a 10 minute appointment needing to be shared between more patients, this would not be acceptable.
  • We are constantly promoting the online booking, please be aware that although there may not look as though there are any appointments, slots are opened by the computer through the day, these will only become available from 8:30, the same time that patients on foot and on the telephone would get access to the slots.


Despite intensive awareness campaigns over the last 2 years there has been relatively little uptake in the virtual/online participation group.

For this reason we have done individual doctor surveys to enable clinicians to reflect on issues that may affect their consulting style and a random sample survey for patients that suffer with hearing problems.

From this survey for patients with hearing problems there were 29 responses out of 40 mail shots.

The majority of patients used the telephone for booking and had no issues that they wished to raise.

4 patients raised issues about where they felt the service could be improved and these were specific comments about us speaking louder and looking at a person as we speak to them. There was a comment about evening surgeries which have been offered on a Monday evening for some time; and a question about the loop system which is available at reception.


  • We try to be sensitive about our patients many and varied needs but if you feel we need to speak up / haven't realised you are having problems understanding please do tell us.
  • There is a loop system available at reception
  • If you are having problems wearing your hearing aids please contact the people who fit them for you, if it is an issue with infections then it would be better if you saw a doctor.

    Action plans

    The results have been discussed and will be emailed to our virtual group, enclosed in the next newsletter and be available in the waiting rooms. You are very welcome to make further comments at any point.

    The actions are based not only on the feedback from the surveys but also comments through the year and work that we are aware needs considering.

    • We have almost completed the new automatic doors at the Madeley Surgery, which are in line with guidance on disabled access to public premises
    • The décor is the next thing to be addressed and we are in the process of getting quotes for the reception area.
    • The front porch and the large windows for Consulting Room 3 will be being replaced as they need replacing.
    • We are looking to advertise and employ a further practice nurse to improve access for patients. If this works as we hope this should also mean that patients will find it easier to get a routine review appointment with the nurse which should free up more doctor appointments.
    • We continue to have the 3 monthly Madeley Practice Patient Fund Meetings which anyone is welcome to join, the recent ECG appeal has seen a fantastic response and we have been fortunate enough to have the Patients fund purchase a better ECG machine for use on home visits to our house bound patients.
    • Elderly Patient Checks are currently underway. This is being done under Dr Oleshko's guidance and is ensuring that all the important issues are addressed, not just the medical problems our patients have. The funding for this originally came from donations that had been made to the Patient's fund, having been matched by a Bishop Stamer Grant, some community Chest money that was applied for by the Patient's fund group and now is being funded by Innovation money from our local commissioning involvement.
    • We recognised the poor uptake and lack of interest and wonder if patients feel surveyed out (we'd welcome any ideas about different survey approaches you have seen work in other areas) but your comments and feedback are invaluable to us in understanding how things are working from a patient perspective.

    Thank you to all patients who have taken the time to participate in our surveys through the years as well as those that give feedback at other times.






    If you would like to be included in next years Madeley Practice Participation Group surveys please complete this slip and return it to reception:



    Email address:______________________________________________
    (please write clearly for this — as sometimes it is a problem)

    If you would like paper copies write your telephone number and we can call you when it is available to complete.

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