Elderly Care

This section provides access to information and resources for those Practices involved in the Newcastle South Locality Group Elderly assessment project.

As part of our team at Madeley Practice we have our own Elderly Care Facilitator (ECF).  A role originally designed by Dr Oleshko, Brigitte has held this position since 2014 and has developed it to fit the ever expanding elderly population of Madeley, Baldwins Gate and the surrounding areas.  Annual reviews are carried out on all of the over 75s, anyone with significant memory problems (at any age) and the genuinely housebound (at any age).   A typical review includes checking functioning, mobility, activities of daily living, memory, benefits, amongst many other things.  She will then refer on to necessary healthcare professionals to help with any difficulties patients may be facing.  These annual reviews have become a standard expectation for our elderly population, but a year is a very long time!  The ECF is on hand to help whenever you need her.  If you are a carer and you’re struggling to cope; if you’re having multiple falls or have concerns about your memory; if you feel socially isolated or are just struggling to get in and out of the bath, please feel free to contact Brigitte Knowles at Madeley Practice (01782 750274)  and she will do her best to help.

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