Patient Surveys

Patient Survey 2017

Please click here for the results of the Patient Survey undertaken by the Madeley Practice Patient Participation Group.

We were pleased that the overwhelming majority of patients felt they had sufficient appointment time, were listened to, left with a clear outcome and felt they had a way of moving forwards.

28% of patients were aware of the practice website. This number is gradually increasing from previous surveys. Most patients use the website to book appointments and to order repeat prescriptions but it is worth noting that there is lots of helpful information on the website. If there are any particular features that you think would be beneficial to have on that we haven’t covered, please do let us know.

36% of patients use the Electronic Prescription Service where a prescription is sent electronically to the pharmacist of your choice. This is not applicable to our dispensing patients but for the non-dispensing patients this has made life a lot easier and the numbers have continued to steadily increase. If you would like more information about this please do look at the website or ask at reception.

The telephone system has received lots of comments and whilst we understand not everyone appreciates a queuing system the majority of feedback has been so much more positive than it has been in previous years as patients don’t have to hit re-dial as many times first thing in the morning. Although some of the messages seem long these will be cut short if a receptionist becomes free to take your call and you are next in line.