Private Fees

Nearly all of the services that we provide are considered to be NHS general medical services and are free to British and E.U. citizens.

There are a few exceptions which are usually medical reports provided for a third party, such as an insurance company or the DVLA, and travel vaccinations.

You should be informed at the time of your enquiry that there is a fee and the amount that will be charged.

The fees listed below are a guide and may change without notice, so please check at reception for the latest charges. Some of the fees shown below include vat.

Private Sick Note£20.00
Insurance Form: Certificate of Incapacity£20.00
Insurance Form: BUPA/PPP or similar£35.00
HGV/Taxi/Elderly Driver medical£140.40
Medical (private employment)
Holiday Cancellation£36.00
Fitness to Travel£36.00
Vaccination Certificate£24.00
Hepatitis B course for travellers£136.77
Hepatitis B Booster for travellers£45.59
Non-NHS patient consultation fee (average 10 min appt)£50.00
Japanese B encephalitis (course of 2)£202.80
Meningitis A&C for travel£66.00
Rabies (course of 3)£193.68
Tick borne encephalitis (course of 3)£205.20
OFSTED ‘ for Registered Childminders£105.00