Teenage Services

Your consultation is confidential. No matter what it is about ‘ sex, drugs, family, bullying, weight, body image, alcohol, stress etc ‘ or with whom it is with, doctor or nurse, it remains confidential.

Book an appointment in the usual way, in person, by telephone or on the internet.

We offer full contraceptive services including emergency contraception and advice on quitting smoking, weight reduction, counselling and alcohol issues.

Contraceptive and Sexual Health Service is provided by nurses and doctors at both Moss Lane and Baldwins Gate Surgeries

Family planning clinic

Whilst we offer all family planning services at our practice you can also attend Cobridge Sexual Health Services.  You can call for an appointment on 08081780955 or attend the walk in services offered on the website below.  The site also gives information on how to apply for a C-Card to enable you to get free condoms through the NHS.


Emergency Contraception

Contact any doctor or nurse at Moss Lane surgery or Baldwins Gate surgery, or Family Planning clinic, address as above.  Some Pharmacies also offere emergency contraception.


Mental Health Problems

CAMHS now offer a self referral service for patients.  You can contact them on 0300 123 0904


The Samaritans offer help if you are feeling suicidal or just want to talk to someone.



Childline is a confidential line that can give you advice on all different things but was originally set up for children to be able to call if they were being abused or neglected and didn’t know where to turn to for help.


Telephone 0800 1111

NHS 111

NHS 111 is the number to call for health advice when your GP is closed.  If you have a life threatening emergency you would call 999.

Telephone: 111

National Eating Disorder Association


National Careers Service

Telephone: 0808 0013219

Text: 07766413219

Victim Support

Telephone: 0808 1689111


HIV and Aids



Telephone: 0300 123 6600




Sexual Health 24 Hours a Day 


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Please see the family planning section above for the numbers and website for Cobridge Sexual Health Clinics.

Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent GUM clinic

Leighton Hospital GUM clinic