Get Test Results

Most blood test results are often back within 48 hours. Urine, stool and swab results may take up to one week. X-rays may be back within a week but more complex imaging can take up to 6 weeks. Tissue samples such as biopsy of skin lesions and nail clippings may take four to eight weeks.

Information and letters from outpatient clinics vary considerably, and usually take at least three weeks. Information from out-of-hours care is forwarded to us electronically the next working day.

The hospital will inform you of results they have requested as agreed in your consultation with them.

Allow time for us to view the results.

You will usually have agreed with your clinician how the results will be actioned once they are at the surgery.  If in doubt you can access your results online if you have requested access or you could call reception in the afternoon for further advice.  Afternoons after 2.00pm are best. Results can only be given to the patient on whom the test was carried out, unless there is authorisation or the patient is a minor.

Information given will be confirmation that the result is back and whether it is normal or not, together with any action note made by the doctor, such as asking a patient to make a further appointment. The reception staff are not trained to provide more detailed information.